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What can you do to prevent foot problems?

1 June 2016

Foot problems can strike any time. Yet, we don’t seem to care about them and ignore them even, except when they’re hurting.

In this article we will cover what you need to know to prevent foot problems in a very simple and efficient way.


1. Start with your own health. If you’re not eating and drinking properly, your body will suffer. Make sure that your eating habits are healthy.


2. Your posture. That is another thing we tend to ignore unless it is already giving us problem. If you’re putting too much stress on your feet, it can bring muscle fatigue and pain. You can also develop spurs.


3. Make sure you have the right size. Our feet change constantly, so we don’t usually wear the same size all our life. Sometimes the difference is almost unnoticeable. Other times it can actually make a difference in your feet.


4. Chose the right shoes. Don’t go for the cheaper option or even the more expensive option if they are not comfortable and don’t fit your feet nicely.


5. Heels or not heels? If you wear heels or any type of shoe that elevates your feet, make sure they are comfortable and have enough base to support your weight, otherwise you’ll put too much stress on your feet.


6. Don’t turn to flip-flops exclusively either. These types of shoes don’t give enough support or shock absorption, and can also damage your feet.


7. Check your feet regularly. Make sure you keep them hydrated, moisturized and clean.


8. Wear socks. They protect your feet from blisters and other possible damage. 


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