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Pros & Cons of Buying Shoes Online

15 June 2016

We all know that this is a digital age. With a computer you can go everywhere and get everything you need, very fast. However, not everything might be peachy, so we had a look at the major pros and cons of buying footwear online.



The speed. It’s undeniable that searching for shoes and ordering online beats the old having to go to a shoe shop, search for the right pair of shoes, not finding it in your size and having to go to another store to start all over again.


The timetable. Need to buy a pair of shoes at 4AM? No problem, you can do it in any online footwear shop.


The possibilities. There is a limited amount of footwear that a physical shoe shop can have in its storage. And if you want more you either don’t get it or have to wait a look time. Ranging from colours to different sizes (and half-sizes), you can get almost everything in an online shop.


Beating the crowds. You don’t have to wait in line to visit the shop or pay for your shoes.


Sales. It’s far easier to find better prices online than on a physical shop. You can also compare prices with other online shops, which guaranties you the best price.


Specific shoes. Have a size that is unusual? Want a limited edition pair of shoes? Looking for a different colour? You can find everything in the internet.


Promotion emails and alerts. You can set up an alert or subscribe to a newsletter to keep track of a sale or a new product.


Customer reviews. You can check if a brand is trustworthy via the feedback of fellow buyers.



You can’t try the shoes. You can’t try them before buying, which means that if they’re not what you were expecting or if they’re not the right size, you’ll have to return them.


Shipping costs. Some online stores will charge you for the shipping, which might make the price less attractive.


Waiting for Delivery. It might reach in the next day or it might take much longer.


Online shopping safety. If you have concerns about using your card online, this might not be a good choice.



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