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How to choose the right pair of shoes for every occasion

8 June 2016

As we’ve said many times, the right pair of shoes can either ruin or make your outfit the best thing you ever wore. That said, it is really important that when choosing what to wear you make sure that everything is in perfect symphony.


Sunny rhymes with Sandals. At least in fashion! When the sun is shining outside, nothing better than using those lovely sandals on the back of your wardrobe and let your feet breathe.


Have a formal attire event? No, you don’t have to wear heels only. Moccasins make a great alternative choice when wearing formal clothes and they are usually more comfortable. Just make sure that the colour you use matches the rest of your outfit! However, if you do wear heels, make sure that they are comfortable. If you’re a man, make sure that your dress shoes are classy, but also comfortable. They should let your feet breathe.


If a sport is expected during the day, make sure you rock your best athletic shoes. They provide the best support for your feet and body in general, minimizing the pain and possible injuries. Please remember that not all athletic shoes are designed for a specific sport, so remember to ask the sales person when buying them.


If the weather is cold (and possibly rainy), wear shoes that can provide you with the best protection from the elements. The best option is wearing boots, especially water-repellent ones if you’re going to be wearing them in snow or icy paths. You might want to consider more than one pair of socks to keep your feet warm.


Always look for shoes that provide the best arch support. They can be pretty and comfortable but also need to provide a lot of support to your feet.


Check what the shoes are made of and don’t be afraid to buy a more expensive pair of shoes. Leather shoes are better for your feet but they also come with a price. Don’t forget that the health of your feet is important!




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