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8 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

13 July 2016

There is an ongoing stereotype that every woman loves a good pair of shoes. However, not every woman cares about shoes or enjoys going on a shopping spree to buy them. Even if you do, buying everything you like might not be the best strategy for your closet (or your wallet!).

In this article, we’ll explain what types of shoes are essential for women.


Black or Nude heels – We’ll start with one that doesn’t need much explanation. They’re classy, they’re elegant and they go with almost everything – what’s not to like? Black or nude heels (doesn’t matter the type) will never let you down. They can be used both in formal and casual events.


Ballerinas/flats – Same as black heels, especially for the ladies that don’t like pumps. They can be used for both formal and casual outings, without losing elegance. You can use them in very different colours but if you want them to be versatile, you should go with dark (black, dark blue) or light (white, baby pink, beige) colours.


Sneakers – Even if you’re not a sporty person, sneakers are essential if you need to walk a bit more than usual or if you’re going to the gym. They’re also great for a casual night out.


Ankle boots – If it is cold but not yet freezing cold then this type of boots is your best friend. They go very well with jeans or dresses. You can also use them, depending on colour for business casual type of settings. Don’t use them for formal events. 


Classic Riding Tall Boots – For the colder winter days, these boots are classy and practical.  You can use them almost everywhere & anywhere, except for formal events. They’re the type of shoes that protect your feet and keep you warm while making you look very elegant.


Smart Oxford/loafers/moccasins – We can’t stress enough how a pair of smart oxfords, loafers or moccasins saved the life of many women in our office! These shoes go with everything – from formal to casual, business to personal life. They’re definitely a closet essential.


Espadrille – We spoke about winter shoes, but what about summer shoes? In those hot days, a very nice pair of espadrilles is always handy and goes with almost everything.


Statement/Wild Shoes – The cherry on top of the cake. You should always have a pair of shoes that can transform an otherwise boring outfit into an interesting one.


Do you agree with our choices? What would you chose as shoes essentials for women? Tweet us or check our other social media channels. You can also email us at

Note: All shoes belong to the Campobello brand.


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